LittleGraduatesSchools Mandate for a Safe Reopening  

We would like to assure stakeholders that despite the current situation; a lot of work is taking place in the background to prepare for the safe return into a COVID-19 COMPLIANT FACILITY.

The ongoing work ranges from the procurement, implementation and installations of ;

  • tailor-made Pupils Protective Equipment (PPE)re usable and water proof
  • disinfecting classes and playground prior to re – opening
  • train ground staff and cleaners correct cleaning and sanitizing methods and intervals
  • Re arranging classrooms to mantain social distancing during learning.
  • Training staff new protocols and guidelines of cleaning intervals and daily routines conduct during contact teaching.
  • screening equipment for attendees and staff
  • full body sanitizing equipment for attendees and staff/parents accessing the school.
  • hand sanitizing unit in every classroom
  • running water station and soap in every play area
  • humidifier for purification of the air during class learning
  • clearly marked work station for each learner returning with personal belongings no sharing.
  • Instruction manual /poster for each leaner/teacher /classroom to practice new guidelines and protocols.
  • Staff training how to conduct hybrid teaching to allow children at home to engage and enjoy the same content like those who are at school.
  • Extend live monitoring equipment in the facility to ensure that staff and learners are adhering to the new routines.
  • Re arranging outdoor equipment to prepare for new play routines with staggered approach

Protocols and Guidelines for Children and Parents

  • Encourage learning and the importance of consistency
  • continue to practice safety guidelines at home too
  • Encourage the consistency of Learner’s education
  • Encourage wearing of PPE at all times by leading with example
  • Observe new limited access into premises during school time for parents
  • Observe the new school protocols while caring for children at school.
  • Provide PPE for each active child prior to their return to school.
  • Provide containers to pack belongings for children
  • Provide tissues and wipes ,plastic bin


LittleGraduatesSchools continues with blended teaching approach which includes traditional teaching with work sheets/books in numeracy literacy, lifeskills, creative art and technology during computing in which we are opting to invest a gadget for each child to avoid sharing . Extra Curricular Activities includes, perfoming arts like drama, public speaking, ballet, music, languages is a new subject which we are phasing in with various options to choose from .We have been teaching Afrikaans online and we realized it’s easy and fun  for learners to learn new a subject, so our school may officially introduce Parallel Medium School offering  both English and Afrikaans as a media of instruction from next year in the meantime we will be observing it as a subject to allow learners to adjust .

We plan to introduce new extra mural activities  like music instruments, science for kids, cooking, baking, pottery etc, we will communicate once we figure out the costs of rolling in the new activities, knowing too well that its winter season  Mini Sports Academy will continue to conduct activities and  will ensure that social distancing protocol is observed . While Learn To Swim Practical Lessons are on hold this winter until end of August, we are prepared to extend practical swimming timelines to make up for lockdown missed lessons from 1st of September2020, it is also possible that learn to swim will continue online as some of you may not realize that we offer theory lessons before we go into practical learn to swim. We surely know that children may have forgotten what we taught them so online education will afford them a chance to prepare and remember water safety measures. I bet you by spring time the little academia’s will be looking forward to practical learn to swim mentally and physically.

New Staff

We have managed to recruit new staff members to accommodate the duplication of classes to maintain the numbers of children in classes, and to accommodate special skills specialists in which we need especially during this technology demanding times. New staff will be introduced to parents as the classes are being re structured to suit the new social distancing protocols.

Our back to school survey will indicate the exact number of children returning and we will prepare only for children who confirmed their return to contact lessons.

Re Opening Parents Day

Parents are invited on the 29th and 30th of May to view the new COVID 19 Compliant Look for our school, times will be shared during the week; an appointment form will be shared too.

Thanking all parents who stood by us during the lockdown by ensuring that children continue to learn and for those who value our services, we are proud to be partnering together to ensure the best foundation and safety for your children during the early years .Your zeal to achieve mastermind their road to progress! Kind Regards