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Welcome to LittleGraduatesSchools

LittleGraduatesSchools© is a network of private institutions across Pretoria which offers accelerated and integrated curriculum to learners aged three months to six year old Since 2008. LittleGraduatesSchools© boasts of a full set of qualified and adequately experienced teachers in early childhood education and teaching practice. One of many LittleGraduatesSchools© achievements includes that of embracing diversity in sports and cultural activities .A community based institution that hosts multiracial and multicultural learners from all over the globe.

LittleGraduatesSchools launched its own in-house Sports Academy in 2015 after assessing the need of inclusive education and how the economy would defeat the purpose of equal education that LittleGraduatesSchools© believes in. Minni Sports Academy became the household name of the now LittleGraduatesSchools unique curriculum as it now includes advanced academic programs, technology performing arts, sports in early years. Learners attending The LittleGraduatesSchools© institutions learn how to research, form opinions and ultimately prepare for life as productive beings.

The LittleGraduatesSchools© can be identified as the one stop school that meets the demand of every learner at a very much affordable fee. When assessing the service of the LittleGraduatesSchools©, one would discover the passion and the willpower to build a child’s future by laying the foundation in every learning area so as to maximize career options especially when growing up in the 21st century where technology and creative art becomes essential like math and science. equipping learners, irrespective of their socio-economic background, race, gender, physical ability or intellectual ability, with the knowledge, skills and values necessary for self-fulfilment, and meaningful participation in society as citizens of a free country.

The LittleGraduatesSchools© institutions put the learner’s best interest at heart and believe that every child is a masterpiece. Parents involvement plays a critical role in the foundation of a young child thus LittleGraduatesSchools© embraces parent school partnership to compliment Our Children, Our Tomorrow.

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Curriculum and Education

LittleGraduatesSchools offer accelerated and integrated curriculum in such a way that we prepare future generations to thrive in this changing landscape. A student that begins in our ECD today will graduate from Grade R, go to Grade One and all his/her way to university in the mid-2030s and their career will last through 2060 or beyond. While we can’t predict exactly what our workforce’s needs will be in in the middle of the century, we already know they are changing and will continue to change with the rate of technological advancement.

Learners attending The LittleGraduatesSchools Preparatory learn how to research, form opinions and ultimately prepare for life as productive beings. To prepare all learners with the creative, collaborative and digital problem-solving skills of the future, we teach computer lessons and coding as part of the core curriculum.

Robots, artificial intelligence, automation – no longer the stuff of science fiction movies but they are a living reality. Overwhelming evidence shows the shift in what the workforce needs is already underway and that it will continue to grow much larger in the future.

The LittleGraduatesSchools Preparatory will always be at the interest of child growth in terms of academic achievement, emotional and social development as well as spiritual development. We build children of the future, who will easily cope once in many advanced academic institutions in the near future.

With our extended, flexible operating hours (06h00 to 19h30; Mondays to Saturdays) has been a success for most parents and they enjoy this flexibility to the fullest.

Our Partners

Minni Sports Academy

  • Minni Sports Academy is a Little Graduates Schools initiative that was formed and added to our academic program as part of accelerating our curriculum so as to ensure that we reach maximum expectations on all learners’ outcomes and achievement in our institutions.
  • Children will have different 3 days in a week to participate extra murals through Minni Sports Academy with our professional coaches who determined to deliver Professional Sporting Lessons, Assess and prepare for the bigger world of sports.
  • Minni Sports Academy has assigned professional coaches and have fixed time table for physical education every week.
  • Minni Sports Academy adds a balance in our curriculum as it allows learners to discover their potentials in every aspect of early childhood educational lessons prepared by the Little Graduates Schools.
  • Our Assessments will show the outcomes of the holistic child development and our practitioners will advise accordingly.
  • There are several benefits of playing sports during the early years. Sport have become a lifestyle and for some it’s a career but not limited to living a healthier life, boosts confidence and keeping fit .Minni Sports Academy meets the modern learner academic need and all coaches are well trained and qualified to work with young children .Minni Sports Academy sporting and arts activities run concurrently with the LittleGraduatesSchools© curriculum. These activities are aligned in the unique curriculum of the LittleGraduatesSchools© Each branch receives one hour of theoretical learning, practical sporting and performing arts session at each branch’s time table. The table below explains benefits of our sports curriculum.
  • When a child is exposed to a variety of extramural activities, they begin to develop various skills and understandings, including vital life skills such as learning to swim or how to catch a ball. Physical activities also promote a child’s emotional and physical well-being and create healthy life-long habits

During Sports Sessions our Academy offers:

  1. Equal Opportunities: when all children of same environment participate in sports are more encouraged to learn the new skill.
  2. Safe and Child Friendly Sport Equipment: are used to develop the young child
  3. Class teachers Involved: Children feel comfortable participate in sports together with their class teachers and the coaches.
  4. Professional Coaching and assessment of each child:Each child will be entitled to a fair assessment and a report will be issued with recommendation on what the child is best at and if a parent may consider taking the child’s love to the next level .
  5. Prize giving / Concert Shows /Gala participation: At the end of the year an event will be organized to showcase progress of the learners and parents will be invited on the days chosen to witness their children successes.
  6. Minni Sports Academy Services and activities include
    • Learn to swim (WINTER BREAK JUNE 15-AUGUST 15)
    • Ballet
    • Drama
    • Public Speaking
    • Physical Education or PE (ALL BALLING GAMES)
    • Balling games
    • Minni Soccer
    • Minni Rugby
    • Minni Tennis
    • Skipping Ropes
    • Gymnastics
    • Music
    • Dance
    • Storytelling
    • Fitness Boot Camp for 4-6 years learners