Welcome to Little Graduates Schools Online Virtual Learning

Our online learning classes are web-based or web-delivered classes, a class taught through the Internet. Online classes are a form of distance learning, in that distance is no longer a factor with The LittleGraduatesSchools and the teacher and the learners needn’t be at the same location for the class to take place. Both the teacher and student/s would need just the Internet and their respective laptops, tablets or even smartphones to be able to meet in an online/ virtual classroom. As is evident, this is not a traditional classroom or method of teaching which is available in difficult times

The LittleGraduatesSchools offer online Virtual learning for all learners from 2 years to 6 years.

Virtual Learning is the answer to all situations affecting learners, parents, teachers and schools at the same time. Our learners have benefited a lot in virtual learning classes conducted by various teachers from our institutions especially during the pandemic which caught all nations by surprize.

LittleGraduatesSchools in collaboration with our qualified teachers ensure that

  • Our learners learn at their own pace. …
  • Introverted learners can join in discussions.
  • Learners have individualized schedules. …
  • Learners have more Learning Options. …
  • Learners have fewer distractions and obstacles to Learning. …
  • Learners enjoy a comfortable learning environment. …
  • Parents and guardians are more involved in their Children’s Education.

All the resources are available on our online channels for parents to assist our learners with their assignments and different projects based on our yearly curriculum.

More benefits from our online learning class

  1. Our learners who miss class can still allocate time to catch up with the missed period and topic by booking in advance.
  1. Classes will be conducted for aftercares during and during school holidays. (T&C Apply)
  1. Once a child registers at our schools, will automatically be assigned to our e-Learning programs.
  1. Weekend programs are also offered
  1. Children can still do physical education online with our extramural tutors

The Reality

In modern world, most children today are exposed to the digital world at a relatively younger age; school students are known to use social networks, play games, create and contribute to websites, and research topics they’re interested in. Online classes then allow students to use technology so as to avail of a more engaging learning experience.

It is also easy for our teachers to conduct assessment of a learner’s strengths and weaknesses, which in turn can be used to come up with an individualized learning plan for each student online.

We welcome all parents to use our full packages when you become our member, because your child will never miss classes.

For more information please send us email us on enquiries@littlegraduatesschools.com

Alternatively, call 082 5050181, 079 683 8324, 082 533 8324