RE: COVID-19 Awareness

LittleGraduatesSchools acknowledges the recent presidential address following the World Pandemic of the new virus COVID-19 which has affected the world at large.

We would like to assure parents that we will follow the guidelines from the Government’s command center and comply with all precautions which prevent local infections to our staff and learners at the same time when schools re opens. However, we will continuously make sure that all measures are put in place before and post Coronavirus pandemic.

Our first term academic program was completed already. Now with the untimely enemy we had to embark on social distancing while teaching our children through online virtual learning classes.

All scheduled events have been postponed till further notice which include all academic trips as they pose close contact to public and gathering.

We urged parents to keep calm and exercise more precautions and measures during this transition period, we hope and pray that the health practitioners are working tirelessly to find a cure or vaccine for this stubborn virus.

We will continue to monitor the situation and advise accordingly. Little Graduates Schools would like to urge parents to support the school to comply with the disaster management task at hand.

We wished to continue offering holiday care services as usual but we cannot go against the government announcement at this stage.

LittleGraduatesSchools will continuously correspond with parents about new updates. Parents may also visit the World Health Organization (WHO) for more information and new updates.

Little Graduates Schools have put plans to deliver the work for learners by email and whatsapp, for parents who may not manage to join our online classes.

LittleGraduatesSchools will send all the Online Educational Apps to parents to make sure that children keep up with their school programs and do not regress. Parents are urged to encourage children to read or read for them.

Areas of concentration   per grade will be shared on the whatsapp group. We will design a catch up schedule for all bigger grades and communicate with parents in due course.

We promise parents that our children safety is our priority and with everything at our disposal we  will keep our facilities virus free  during this break and take this opportunity to disinfect  our facilities and spring  clean thoroughly before the re opening the schools.

We will continue to educate our practitioners about the virus and make sure that when schools re opens we are ready to work with our learners in a much more informed approach.

National Government COVID 19 WHATSAPP hotline 060 012 3456 has been launched and it assists all of us to stay informed about the virus.

We support the president Thuma Mina spirit in fighting this pandemic and believe that South Africa and its children will find a way to contain this virus sooner than expected.

#believers are winners- Minni Sports Academy

Yours Sincerely

DT Mbogoma