Our Curriculum

LittleGraduatesSchools© Curriculum and theory of teaching embraces the fourth industrial revolution so as to keep up the 21st century technology while maintaining traditional learning .The school founder and CEO of the LittleGraduatesSchools© Mrs. D Mbogoma scripted a complimentary curriculum that will see a young child exploring all learning areas with the aim to accommodate every learner’s developmental stage and pace. As part of our uniqueness LittleGraduatesSchools© curriculum is tailor-made, integrated and accelerated ultimately complementing the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement endorsed by the Department of Education in 2012.

LittleGraduatesSchools© tailor-made Curriculum is outcome based and the assessment process captures holistic child development from our school programs that are well balanced boasting a rich learning content for each age group, physical development, creative and performing arts defines the LittleGraduatesSchools© Theory of learning embraces diversity hence the need to describe its uniqueness.

LittleGraduatesSchools© practitioners receives continuous training and performance assessment every year with the aim to keep up with the evolving techniques of teaching in this fourth generation industrial revolution.

When recruiting a practitioner a through screening is done, background checks, and references is basic for all. After positive outcome a practitioner can now be trusted to undergo in-house training irrespective of their qualification or experience.

Recruitment and Training

At LittleGraduatesSchools© the theory of teaching is tailor made and one need a six week practical training under close monitoring from the school supervisor and remotely by Close Circuit Television. Then shall the practitioner’s application can be considered successful. The process allows the management to identify red flags and to test the quality of teaching one possesses. Our selection criteria, not an easy one but reliable.

3-24 Months
24-48 Months
4-6 Years

With our extended, flexible operating hours (06h00 to 19h30; Mondays to Saturdays) has been a success for most parents and they enjoy this flexibility to the fullest.