2021 registrations open, Re-defining Education

Dear parent.

The 2021 re enrollment and new registrations is now open

Our 2021 academic year will be the beginning of a new era, whereas we expect all technologies to grow exponentially and feature within nearly all tech products and services so as our learning areas the LittleGraduatesSchools will explore them all.

It’s good to know exactly what the upcoming school year will look like, by keeping up on current trends in the educational sphere, so that you can return to school next year informed, whether you’re in a classroom or learners learning from a distance.

We need to completely re-imagine education. Instead of learning to memorize facts and figures, learners need to “learn how to learn” , research and how to solve problems. And they should be allowed to learn independently from early age

As we prepare to a new academic year together, we urge parents to re enroll and register their children to keep their space for 2021 academic year.

Re enrollment for existing learners are open from 25th August to 15th October 2020. New registrations from waiting list will be confirmed for 2021 after this date.

We hope for the best and we will keep you updated on weekly basis.

The 2021 application forms are now available from our website. Be an early bird.

Existing parents will only need to fill in an addendum which will be annexed to the current application forms.

The year 2021 comes with re-defined methods of teaching, systems and initiatives around in preparing the next generation for the changing world.  Shaking up the traditional classroom approach and embracing digital skills necessary for the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be our priority. THE TIME IS NOW.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in this regard.

Choose a branch, make appointment and visit.