Dear Prospective parent for 2020. Welcome to LittleGraduatesSchools (Choose a branch and pay a visit)

2020 school fees caters for tuition fees, computer lessons and physical education (extra curricular)

All Branches now are open for 2020 registrations for NEW and re registration (Re enrollment) for EXISTING children. Registrations and spaces are limited to few kids per class and can easily get full; so it’s important for a parent to register now and get a student number and finalize the 2020 registration process for a possible space booking as soon as possible.

All branches will open the first week of 2020 (January) hence this is the only opportunity for most parents who work in very busy offices like Policemen, Correctional Services, SARS, Teachers, Businessmen who have to report to work at the beginning of 2020 in order to accomplish their planning for 2020 at a good pace.

Once you have chosen your favored branch, make sure you have completed the 2020 application form available from our website, submit to the relevant and the branch will keep your child’s space.

On the application forms check if you have done/submitted  the following 2020 registration requirements:

  • A copy of the Learner’s birth certificate unabridged
  • A copy of the Learner’s immunization clinic card updated
  • A copy of the Learner’s latest school report (if available)….(This helps us identify the child’s weaknesses and strengths) so that it’s easy to assist the child to develop fast  in the areas they areas that need more attention
  • A copy of both parent’s ID documents / Passports
  • A copy of Study Permit if not SA Resident
  • Proof of latest residence (Municipal rates account)
  • Copy of Medical Aid Card if available/doctors contacts
  • Completed Application Form signed by both parents
  • Little Graduates favorable branch (checked)
  • Non refundable application fee of R500


NB: Application will ONLY be processed if proof of payment for Non Refundable application fee of R650 is paid and all above required documents are attached for either new or existing children.

 All Processed application forms will be replied back to parents with confirmation letter of space for 2020 academic year within 24 hours

All pages must be initialized by both parents and the school management. Insist to get your copy of this contract after signatures

Once the school have received your application forms will only take 24 hours to process the student number (if you did not register on your own in the online application from our website). The quotation for 2020 will be emailed to you which is payable between October and November 2019 for 2020 January.

You can also register online on the following registration links, make sure you choose the correct branch for your child: Copy and paste on your internet browser alternatively.

  1. To directly register to Riviera branch please log in to
  2. To directly register to Gezina branch please log in to
  3. To directly register to Centurion branch please log in to
  4. To directly register to Rietfontein Branch please log in to
  5. To directly register to Brooklyn branch please log in to
  6. To directly register to Pretoria North branch please log in to

Children at LittleGraduatesSchools enjoy good academic environment, Academic progress, qualified and professional teachers and academic trips empower our children with exposure to future, technology and cleaner environment.

Through our Themed Curriculum, Extra Mural Activities and Computer Classes which are included in the school curriculum have paved a new dawn to academic excellence and achievement for all learners hence all parents get academic assessment reports every term which clearly determine the direction of the child in the next level.

Our Grade R in every year (for the past 11 years) have enjoyed a lot of school readiness programs that fully prepare them for elementary education in their Grade one phase.

We welcome all parents to join us in our academic journey with your child(ren) for the 2020 academic year because we need to work together to build and direct the mind of our children forever towards academic achievement so that when they grow up will become good citizens of our beautiful Nation of South Africa.

God bless our parents, God bless our learners, God bless The LittleGraduatesSchools

LittleGraduatesSchools Team