• Minni Sports Academy is a Little Graduates Schools initiative that was formed and added to our academic program as part of accelerating our curriculum so as to ensure that we reach maximum expectations on all learners outcomes and achievement in our institutions.
  • Children will have different 3 days in a week to participate in Minni Sports through our professional coaches who determined to deliver Professional Sporting Lessons, Assess and prepare for the bigger world of sports. Little Graduates embraces inclusive education though physical sports and extracurricular programs offered by Minni Sports Academy.

Minni Sports Academy has assigned professional coaches and has fixed time table for physical education namely

  1. Learn to swim (WINTER BREAK JUNE 15-AUGUST 15)
  2. Ballet
  3. Physical Education or PE (ALL BALLING GAMES)

Minni Sports Academy adds a balance in our curriculum as it allows learners to discover their potentials in every aspect of early childhood educational lessons prepared by the Little Graduates Schools.

Our Assessments will show the outcomes of the holistic child development and our practitioners will advise accordingly.

During Sports Sessions our Academy offers:

  1. Equal Opportunities: when all children of same environment participate in sports are more encouraged to learn the new skill.
  2. Safe and Child Friendly Sport Equipment: are used to develop the young child
  3. Class teachers Involved: Children feel comfortable participate in sports together with their class teachers and the coaches.
  4. Professional Coaching and assessment of each child: Each child will be entitled to a fair assessment and a report will be issued with recommendation on what the child is best at and if a parent may consider taking the child’s love to the next level .
  5. Prize giving / Concert Shows /Gala participation: At the end of the year an event will be organised to showcase progress of the learners and parents will be invited on the days chosen to witness their children successes.

Please note the above initiative forms part of the school curriculum and service providers are funded by the Little Graduate Schools and tariffs are subject to change based on economic scale each year. Each child may take part in one or more activities.