Most of the learners have settled well into their new class groups and have adjusted to the new school routines whilst their assigned teachers have also established classroom rules and have already set academic goals for year 2018; to assist us in the upkeep of our standards we encourage you to engage in your child school activities as per our school 2018 strategy. At Little Graduates Schools we work so hard to make sure that all children benefits in learning and develop in all areas holistically. From this year going forward we request you as a (parent/s/guardian/s) to be involved in every aspect of your child early education circles. To ensure this happens the school has scheduled Parents’ Information Evening for all Little Graduates Schools branches at the venues below from Monday 29January 2018 . The agenda of this Parents’ Information Evening  Is to discuss your involvement in your child’s school work  and the duties of the principal, teacher, extra murals coaches,admin ,financial officer ,interns  and the assistant teacher on the floor.  After the meeting, parents will know what role to play in their child academic journey .As we all know that early years teaching is the foundation, therefore if you cannot play the part now. How will you be able to connect on the next level?

During the course of the year your child’s educator will highlight ,advise or:

  • update you with educational matters pertaining the Little Graduates Schools theory of teaching, curriculum details , teaching aids and assessment and reporting based on each child academic outcome and the recommendations that the educator may prescribe areas where  your child is  best at.
  • If your child is  working to the best of his/her ability.
  • If he/she comprehend what he/she learns.
  • About any areas he/she finds difficulties. If so what are these specific areas
  • If you have any suggestions as to what best can help the child learn
  • If your child participate in class activities well enough.
  • Your view on how your child relate to others in the classroom.
  • If your child is hands on homework or complete on time
  • If your child has a short attention span /hardly adheres to classroom programs.
  • If there is any learning barriers spotted in your child learning cycle.
  • If the child is coping in their current class group.
  • If your child has learning difficulties clarify what help is available and other courses of action that needs to be addressed.

Since this is the beginning of the year, it is good to discuss important things you know about your child and set objectives to achieve during the year. Nevertheless, this information shared will deepen your understanding on the learning processes that your child experiences on a day to day. This meeting is specially prepared for all parents and we urge you to please attend.

Apart from the above, you will get to know the Little Graduates Schools important information based on the typical operation of the institutions, school fees, binding policies, menu, excursions and the kind of   partnership we are looking for from you.


29 JAN 2018 LGS Gezina Gezina Campus 17H00
30 JAN 2018 LGS Riviera Riviera Campus 17H00
31 JAN 2018 LGS Centurion Centurion Campus 17H00
1ST FEB 2018 LGS Brooklyn Brooklyn Campus 17H00
6th FEB 2018 LGS Pta North Pta North Campus 17H00
7TH FEB 2018 LGS Rietfontein Rietfontein Campus 17H00

Remember: Next week theme is “MY FAMILY “Learners to bring Photos of their family members for our week project.