LittleGraduatesSchools Management would like to thank all parents for all possible donations made towards orphans through our institution.

We are so blessed to have parents who have giving heart, who believe in sharing with the underprivileged. LittleGraduatesSchools has done just as parents did- to deliver the parcels to the intended homes.

We started with the home from Nellmapius (Share the tears and Grow). They came to share goodies and joy with our kids and was fun. It was also fun to go with a parcel made available by parents from all branches, clothes, bikes, non perishable foods, toiletries, cool drinks and many more.

We always strive to engage our institutions with the underprivileged as our full time responsibility to socialize with them and give them smile on their face. They are no alone. We will walk with them.

Big up to all parents