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Little Graduates Schools (Preparatory) are private multracial Educare Centers for Early Childhood Development (ECD) and place of Child Care (since 2008), which enroll children of ages between 3 months to 12 years (Grade RRRR-Grade 3). These are centers which are committed to serve the community with best possible quality education for children, based on well-prepared and recommended educational themes nd policies. The disciplined curriculum ensures our children of the best start in their childhood life circle by providing them with healthy foundations, proper nutrition and early childhood learning.

It is true that parents won’t deny the truth that “our children is our tomorrow” thus we need to fulfill our responsibilities as committed parents in making sure that we prepare our children early.

Enrich the childhood life before is too late in order to initiate their good start in life. Childhood life begins at established centers like Little Graduates Pre Primary Schools; institutions which make  remarkable difference in every child in our society by offering total commitment of social responsibility through the whole process of early childhood development. This,  in the recognised areas of emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and social development. For Early Childhood Development we teach children in such traits as courage and perseverance, good judgement, intergrity, kindness, respect, responsibility and discipline as well as to boost their self esteem

It is understood that every parent has a heart of love who wants success for his or her child. The road to success is not easy and can only be possible if you teach your child good manners and demonstrate to them by example and stress the importance of education and dedication . The child’s roadmap starts with early childhood education, because “Children emulate what they experience done to them and what they observe. Treat them with manners and they will emulate those in their own time.”

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Why Camping is important for little kids

Camping is a ton of work with little kids, but we keep doing it because we know it’s important. It would be far easier just to stay home, where everything is convenient and comfortable, but then kids would miss out on the many great lessons to be learned from camping. Here are a few of the reasons why we keep going t camping with our Little Ones

Camping teaches kids to love nature

Boarding Facility now available

Boarding facility now available at our Little Graduates Primary School Brooklyn branch from one day night, Weekly, Monthly, annual boarding and transport to and from schools

For busy parents, here is your answer-:"Just bring him/her" we will do the rest.

The Boarding facility in a 100% prestigious premise situated in the heart of Brooklyn suburb with a state of art service is now available for the public.

Terms and conditions apply.


799, Justice Mahomed Drive in Brooklyn.


0813338405, 0825338324.


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